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Beauty in Decay (6 files)

A collection of items in various stages of decay whether abandoned by people, old buildings, leaves and seedheads and how nature is reclaiming them as it's own.
Corylus Red Majestic 
 Corylus avellena contorta 'Red Majestic' leaves in autumn 
 Keywords: autumn, leaves, foliage, Corylus avellena contorta 'Red Majestic', corkscrew, hazel, harry lauders walking stick, twists, stems, heart shaped, deciduous, shrub, tree, garden, burgundy, red, European Filbert, European Hazel
 red crabapples in the evening sunshine in October in Rosie's Perthshire garden 
 Keywords: crab apple, fruit, red, tree, malus, sunshine, bokeh, autumn, October, Rosie Nixon, Scotland, Perthshire, leavesnbloom, garden plants
Eryngium bougatti Picos Blue 
 Sea holly brown seedheads /bracts covered in ice during the winter - shallow depth of field. 
 Keywords: Eryngium bougatti 'Picos Blue', garden, plants, sea holly, brown, landscape, seedhead, ice, bracts, spikes, nature, beige, winter, frozen, winter, decay, frost, flora, botanical, rosette,thistlelike,landscape
 Hydrangea limelight in decay with backlighting from the lunchtime sunshine in December 
 Keywords: hydrangea, flower, limelight, December, decay, backlighting, petal, seedhead, floret, hortensia, garden, plant, shrub, Perthshire, Scotland, Rosie Nixon
Ligularia stenocephala The Rocket 
 Towering spikes of Ligularia stenocephala 'The Rocket' seed heads in October with black stems. 
 Keywords: seedheads on ligularia, in autumn, closeup, selective focus, plant, portrait, flowers, pale cream, parasol seed heads, perennial, black stem, Ligularia stenocephala 'The Rocket', herbaceous, garden
shasta daisy flowers 
 A macro of the textures on an old shasta daisy flower as it decays in Autumn. 
 Keywords: shasta daisy, yellow, textures, petal, botanical, curves, flower, floral, flora, macro, close up, beauty in decay, nature, natural, shimmer, Leucanthemum, daisy, garden, plant, stamen, stigma, Chrysanthemum, seasonal, autumn, September

Floral and Botanical (18 files)

A collection of flowers, fruit, seedheads, UK and Perthshire wildflowers and garden plants in general. All listed with their botanical/cultivar names including common names along with many being macro and close ups.
 A bee flying towards purple Allium cernuum flowers 
 Keywords: bee, fly, flowers, june, allium, purple, wildlife, garden, nature, dreamy, soft, romantic, pastel, portrait orientation, Allium cernuum, nodding onion, lady's leek
 Phuopsis stylosa 
 Keywords: Phuopsis stylosa, Caucasian Crosswort, low growing, plant, outdoor, garden, dry soil, pink, pastel, dreamy, soft, shallow depth of field
 garden orchid, Cypripedium Aki with pinkish red flowers in early summer. 
 Keywords: garden, orchid, Cypripedium, Cypripedium Aki, flower, plant, outdoors, scotland, woodland, shade, perthshire
 Cypripedium Dietrich: a large species of Lady Slipper Orchid from the US with large creamy-white pouches and wine-red petals. 
 Keywords: Cypripedium Dietrich, lady slipper orchid, garden, flower, plant, scotland, perthshire
 Cypripedium formosanum, a hardy woodland orchid with pleated leaves and a white and pink pouch. 
 Keywords: Cypripedium formosanum, garden, outdoors, plant, flower, orchid, hardy, woodland
 Showy Lady's Slipper Cypripedium reginae 
 Keywords: Showy Lady's Slipper, Cypripedium reginae, orchid, garden, plant, scotland, perthshire, plant, terrestial, outdoors
 Cypripedium tibeticum in early summer 
 Keywords: Cypripedium tibeticum, summer, lady slipper, orchid, garden, plant, scotland
 blue meconopsis poppy flower in the hazy sunshine 
 Keywords: meconopsis, blue poppies, blue poppy, Perthshire, Rosie Nixon, Perthshire photographer, leavesnbloom, garden flowers scotland
 shady loving Nomocharis meleagrina in flower in early summer with heavily spotted white flowers 
 Keywords: Nomocharis meleagrina, bulb, summer flowering, garden, plant, Liliaceae, shade, outdoors, scotland, perthshire, woodland
 northern marsh orchid growing in my garden 
 Keywords: northern marsh orchid, garden, plant, scotland, perthshire, flower, orchid
 Orange crocosmia flower macro 
 Keywords: orange, flower, crocosmia, summer, garden, macro, macrophotography
 garden orchid with palest yellow/cream flowers in spring 
 Keywords: orchid, outdoor, garden, Cypripedium fasciolatum, pale yellow, spring, Scotland
 Ranunculus gramineus 
 Keywords: Ranunculus gramineus, Grassy-leaved Buttercup, garden, plant, flower
 Saxifraga flowers 
 Keywords: saxifraga, flowers, blooms, garden, alpine, scree, summer, garden, shallow depth of field, macro
 saxifraga southside seedling 
 Keywords: saxifraga southside seedling, rock plant, alpine, scree, garden, plant, outdoors
 Orange winter flowers in the garden 
 Keywords: witch hazel, Jelena, orange, coppery, flowers, shrub, winter interest, garden, botanical, Hamamelis Intermedia Jelena
 Red winter interest flowers 
 Keywords: witch hazel, diane, winter, flowers, garden, botanical,Hamamelis Intermedia Diane, red,shrub
yellow rudbeckia flowers 
 Close up macro of a Rudbeckia fulgida var sullvantii 'Goldstrum' flower in late summer. 
 Keywords: flower, rudbeckia, Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullvantii 'Goldsturm', yellow, black eyed susan, petal, stamen, macro, close, up, flora, bloom, pollen, garden, plant, perennial, herbaceous, botanical, botany, nature, natural, Summer, late, flowers, flower, flowering, botany, botanical, asteraceae, compositae, horticulture, floral, flora, floret, anther, stamen, filament, colour, color, perennial, bloom, blossom, coneflowers, coneflower, Perthshire, Scotland, UK,landscape

Gardening & Horticulture (12 files)

A collection of images from gardening, horticulture, growing flowers, fruit and vegetables, propagation and seed sowing.
Achillea millefolium Walther Funche 
 Polytunnel full of young herbaceous perennials - Achillea millefolium 'Walter Funche' plants in 9 cm pots 
 Keywords: Achillea millefolium 'Walter Funche', achillea, progation, young plants, green, herbaceous, perennial, summer flowering, seasonal, yarrow, Asteraceae, botanical, gardening, plants, Devil's nettle, Hundred-leaved grass, Lace plant, Nose pepper, Nosebleed, Old man's pepper, Sanguinary, Savory tea, Soldier's woundwort, Thousand weed, Thousand-leaf, Thousand-seal, Milfoil, pinnate, divided, toothed, leaves, plant labels, handwritten
garden sunflowers in a row 
 a row of sunflowers facing the sun and tied to bamboo canes in the garden. 
 Keywords: Helianthus annuus, gardening, sunflowers, trellis, bamboo canes, yellow, flowers, blooms, fence, post, texture, sunlight, bokeh, horticulture, garden, row, string, ties, trellis, stems, floral, flora, botanical, inflorescence, head, Asteraceae, late summer, annual, landscape
 a grey door with a horse shoe on an old peeling paint shed on an allotment 
 Keywords: allotments, autumn, garden photography, paint, horse shoe, door, peeling, texture, paint, green, outdoors, garden, tools, shed, luck
 Keywords: allotments, autumn, garden photography, rope, fence, flowers, garden
 dad's shed 
 Keywords: allotments, autumn, garden photography, station master, shed, door, wooden, dad, shed, train, enthusiast, garden, outdoors
 a flower pot man clay ornament on the allotment 
 Keywords: allotments, autumn, garden photography, flower pot man, garden, ornament, pots, clay, face, outdoor, happy, turquoise, plastic, bin, paintwork, scratches, texture
 sign on allotment shed door 
 Keywords: allotments, autumn, garden photography, shed, outdoors, garden, notice, dad, shed
 little weed from flower pot men 
 Keywords: allotments, autumn, garden photography, weed, ornament, flower, garden, outdoors, little weed, sunflower, smiling, face, dandelion, flower pot men
 an old greenhouse on an allotment 
 Keywords: allotments, autumn, garden photography, greenhouse, dahlias, flowers, garden, door, wooden, outdoors, fence yellow, red, door, wooden, texture, old, door
 Keywords: Countries, Other Keywords, Photography Jargon, Scotland, Seasons, allotments, autumn, garden photography, helios, m42, vintage lens
 Keywords: Countries, Other Keywords, Photography Jargon, Scotland, Seasons, allotments, autumn, garden photography, helios, m42, vintage lens
 Keywords: Scotland, allotments, autumn, garden photography, buildings, greenhouses, sheds, outdoors, trees, flowers, vegetables, Perth, gardening

Objects (1 file)

weathered chain link fence 
 weathered white and textured chain link fence along a garden boundary 
 Keywords: weathered, chain link fence, boundary, fence, metal, fencing, barrier, division, boundary, enclosed, repeating pattern, textured

Seasonal Fruits, Berries and Leaves (2 files)

Colourful seasonal fruits, berries and leaves from Perthshire, Scotland. From the wild and untamed in the hedgerows to the cultivated ones in gardens.
purple callicarpa berries macro 
 close up macro of the purple jewel berries from a Callicarpa shrub in Autumn. 
 Keywords: Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii 'Profusion', violet, purple, berries, botanical, shrub, garden, October, Autumn, seasonal, fall, beauty berry, colours of autumn, portrait
Rubus idaeus raspberry fruit 
 Red raspberry fruits 
 Keywords: gardening, berries, red, raspberry, Rubus idaeus, fruit, harvest, produce, autumn, allotment, soft fruit, leaves, green, ripe, growing, garden plants, horticulture, crop

Trees and Foliage (2 files)

acer griseum paperbark maple 
 Acer griseum | Paperbark Maple and its exfoliating peeling cinamon coloured bark. 
 Keywords: acer, acer griseum, Paperbark maple, exfoliate, peeling, cinamon colour, bark, sunset, illumination, tree, garden plant. stems, glow, flakes
brunnera leaves 
 high key brunnera macrophylla leaves 
 Keywords: brunnera macrophylla, jack frost, looking glass, leaves, leaf, foliage, garden plant, herbaceous, boraginaceae, Siberian bugloss, nature, perennial

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