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Beauty in Decay (6 files)

A collection of items in various stages of decay whether abandoned by people, old buildings, leaves and seedheads and how nature is reclaiming them as it's own.
abandoned leaf 
 shallow depth of field of a macro brown leaf in late autumn clinging on to a bare stem. 
 Keywords: autumn, fall, foliage, brown, leaf, abandonment, seasonal, nature, close up, macro
backlighting on autumn leaves 
 Autumn leaves in November with backlighting from the sun showing their texture and seasonal colours. 
 Keywords: autumn, seasonal, fall, leaves, leaf, texture, backlighting, red, autumnal hues, foliage, nature, glow, illuminate, light up my life, pattern, radiating, vein, natural
 Battleby in autumn 
 Keywords: bench, lichen, leaves, foliage, autumn, fall, seasonal, Scotland, Perth, Perthshire, colour, wooden
Corylus Red Majestic 
 Corylus avellena contorta 'Red Majestic' leaves in autumn 
 Keywords: autumn, leaves, foliage, Corylus avellena contorta 'Red Majestic', corkscrew, hazel, harry lauders walking stick, twists, stems, heart shaped, deciduous, shrub, tree, garden, burgundy, red, European Filbert, European Hazel
 leaves piled on rocks on river 
 Keywords: fine art, foliage, leaves, Perth, Perthshire, river, rocks, Rosie Nixon, scenic, Scotland
 leaves piled on rocks on river 
 Keywords: autumn, fine art, foliage, leaves, Perth, Perthshire, river, rocks, Scotland

Seasonal Fruits, Berries and Leaves (1 file)

Colourful seasonal fruits, berries and leaves from Perthshire, Scotland. From the wild and untamed in the hedgerows to the cultivated ones in gardens.
Autumn Larix decidua cones 
 golden needles from larch trees in autumn along with a cone 
 Keywords: larch, cone, golden, needles, foliage, autumn, seasonal, wood, tree, Larix decidua, bokeh, Pinaceae, deciduous, branch, spines, arboriculture

Trees and Foliage (1 file)

brunnera leaves 
 high key brunnera macrophylla leaves 
 Keywords: brunnera macrophylla, jack frost, looking glass, leaves, leaf, foliage, garden plant, herbaceous, boraginaceae, Siberian bugloss, nature, perennial

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