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This is a fine art series of UK and primarily Scottish Wildflowers and native plants mostly found in their own natural habitats.  Rosie explores the hedgerows, walks along the local river banks and roams in the local woods to find images that you'll find captivating and appealing.  Rosie's images will give you a new appreciation for the Scottish wild flowers that you find growing in your own locality. Her sub album Berried Treasure features the fruits of the autumn season too.

This uplifting and relaxing wall art is suitable for any room in your home, your office or any commercial property.  

If your business is branded towards all things natural, eco-friendly,organic and nature then this series will help to reinforce that message to your clients and employees. Especially as they enter your building, walk down your hallways, linger in your public areas and work in your offices.

If you would like to order or enquire about the price of one of these limited edition fine art images please get in touch.


 a group of Meconopsis cambrica flowers commonly called Welsh poppies. 
 Keywords: welsh poppy, yellow, flowers, Meconopsis cambrica
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a group of Meconopsis cambrica flowers commonly called Welsh poppies.

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