Geum rivale 'leonards variety' flowersThis is a floral collection of blooms by Rosie taken from every season in her own nature and wildlife garden in bucolic Perthshire. 

Rosie loves to turn your daydreams into pictures and there are probably many flowers in this collection that evoke fond long lost memories of nostalgic childhood carefree fun days.  

All the images are suitable for any room in the home, office, hotel, guest house or other type of retail premises.  The images range from painterly textured pieces to modern day contemporary high key pieces of wall art.  

Remember that first impressions count! and your visitors will be impressed to find such lovely images of nature taken from unique perspectives displayed on your walls. If you're interested in using the images in a corporate environment the ones that have much stronger colours will convey success and confidence to your clients.  While the softer coloured images will convey feelings of trust, solace and comfort.  

Prints: Your image will be printed on Fujicolor Professional DPII Lustre photographic paper by Loxely Colour. 

Fine Art Wrap: This product is modern, contemporary and stylish. Your image will be printed using state of the art 12 ink technology printers and laminated for extra durability. It is mounted on 35 mm board, wrapped around a wooden framework to eliminate bowing and the corners are then folded ensuring the framework cannot be seen from the sides. This is delivered from Loxely Colour ready to hang and supplied in a presentation box. 


The collection is also separated into different galleries i.e Blooms, Scottish wild flowers, Beauty in Decay, Still in Motion and Berried Treasure.

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geum rivale leonards variety 
 vintage geum rivale 'leonards variety' flowers 
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papaver orientale allegro 1 
 Keywords: poppy,papaver orientale,red,orange,painterly,fine art, Perthshire Fine Art,Rosie Nixon,flowers,nature, blooms,wall art,textured photograph,portrait,petals
 Keywords: crocosmia, Rosie Nixon, leavesnbloom fine art and photography
 a single poppy flower with a fine art texture 
 Keywords: shirley poppy, papaver, coral, texture, fine art, single, flower, botanical
 An orange ranunculus flower with a fine art texture 
 Keywords: orange, ranunculus, petals, flower, single, texture, fine art, coral, soft, dreamy, romantic
 orange geum - Geum totally tangerine 
 Keywords: orange, geum, totally tangerine
red anemone coronaria de caen 
 Anemone coronaria '(De Caen Group) 'Hollandia'' with added texture 
 Keywords: Anemone coronaria '(De Caen Group) 'Hollandia'',red, anemone coronaria de caen, flower, Rosie Nixon, leavesnbloom, petals, textured, botanical, bloom, bulb, spring,soft,dreamy, romantic,romance,poppy like flower,poppy anemone,floral,texture,painterly,still life
anemone coronaria de caen group white 
 Anemone coronaria '(De Caen Group) 'Hollandia'' with added texture 
 Keywords: Anemone coronaria '(De Caen Group) 'Hollandia'',anemone de caen, fine art, flower, texture, Rosie Nixon, Perthshire, leavesnbloom, soft, dreamy, romantic, romance, pastel, floral, poppy anemone, anemone coronaria 'de caen group', bulb, spring, bloom,texture,painterly,still life
blue anemone coronaria de caen 
 Anemone coronaria '(De Caen Group) 'Hollandia'' with added texture 
 Keywords: Anemone coronaria '(De Caen Group) 'Hollandia'',Anemone coronaria, Anemone coronaria De Caen, Poppy Anemone, flower, flora, soft, dreamy, romantic, Rosie Nixon, romance, leavesnbloom, botanical, still life,texture, painterly,still life
anemone de caen 
 Anemone coronaria '(De Caen Group) 'Hollandia'' with added texture 
 Keywords: Anemone coronaria '(De Caen Group) 'Hollandia'',anemone de caen, flower, Rosie Nixon, leavesnbloom, texture, bloom, botanical, fine art, nature, Perthshire,anemone coronaria de caen,poppy anemone,soft,dreamy,romance,romantic,pastel,purple,white,floral,texture, painterly,still life
anemone de caen hollandia white 
 Anemone coronaria 'de caen group' with added texture 
 Keywords: anemone coronaria 'de caen group', anemone coronaria Hollandia, romantic, romance, soft, dreamy, pastel, Rosie Nixon, leavesnbloom, Perthshire fine art, Scottish still life, nature, garden plants, flowers, blooms
 primula denticulata drumstick flowers in Spring 
 Keywords: primula denticulata, spring, flowers, soft, dreamy, floral, Rosie Nixon, romantic, leavesnbloom, Perthshire, Scotland
 spring vetchling Lathyrus vernus 
 Keywords: spring vetchling, Lathyrus vernus, floral, botanical, spring pea, flora, purple, flowers, blooms, texture, soft, dreamy
 a single anemone de caen flower 
 Keywords: anemone de caen, flower, single, garden, plant, floral, botanical, fresh, high key, nature, macro, photography
Pollen bouquet by Rosie Nixon 
 Hosta flowers 
 Keywords: hosta, flowers, blooms, lavender, purple, yellow, pollen, nature, macrophotography, rosie nixon, leavesnbloom soft photography dreamy romantic
purple bliss 
 purple spring crocus 
 Keywords: crocus, flowers, bulbs, leavesnbloom, blooms soft photography dreamy romantic
 purple and lavender Thalictrum flowers 
 Keywords: Thalictrum, flowers, blooms, rosie nixon, leavesnbloom, photography, botanical, floral, soft, dreamy romantic, haze
 Keywords: anemone, fine art
 astrantia summer flower 
 Keywords: astrantia, masterwort, summer flower, Rosie Nixon, leavesnbloom fine art and photography

Images 1-20 of 38 displayed. Show 20 or all per page.
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