This is a Scottish garden photography gallery of  soft, dreamy and romantic images of leaves and foliage Rosie is a light chaser and she loves nothing better than chasing the light as it moves across the landscape. Her intimate nature images sometimes will have been taken during those glorious golden hours to give a warm glow to the image. 

She uses various telescopic lenses that blur the background so that more attention can be focused on an individual leaf. 

These images are perfect for any room setting where you want to evoke feelings of calmness, comfort, assurance and dependability.

Great too for hotels and public spaces in commercial premises where you want your clients to feel at home in a relaxed and stress free environment.

If you would like to order or enquire about the price of one of these limited edition fine art images please get in touch.


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acer palmatum orange dream 
 Acer palmatum 'Orange Dream' new leaves and foliage colours in spring 
 Keywords: acer palmatum orange dream, leaf, leaves,maple, leavesnbloom, Rosie Nixon, dreamy, soft, romantic, pastel, nature, foliage, japanese maple, spring
cornus baton rouge leaf 
 autumn colours from Cornus 'Baton Rouge' leaves 
 Keywords: dogwood, cornus, Baton Rouge, leaves, colour, foliage, fall, Rosie Nixon, Perthshire
 acer seedheads in autumn 
 Keywords: acer, leaves, foliage, seedheads, autumn, fall, garden, tree
 Multiple exposure of bamboo leaves 
 Keywords: bamboo, garden photography, multiple exposure
 Keywords: garden photography
 Keywords: garden photography
 Keywords: Countries, Deschampsia cespitosa 'Goldtau', ICM, Scotland, abstract, garden photography, grass, impressionist, intentional camera movement, nature, slow shutter, tufted hair grass
 Keywords: garden photography
 Keywords: Seasons, autumn, garden photography
 Keywords: foliage, leaves, leaf, acer, tree, autumn, garden photography, fall
 Acer leaves in autumn 
 Keywords: autumn, garden photography, acer, maple, fall
 Acer leaves in autumn 
 Keywords: acer, autumn, fall, maple, foliage, garden photography
 It's all about colour sometimes - Cotinus smokebush leaves and bokeh 
 Keywords: autumn, cotinus, foliage, garden photography, helios, leaves, m42, smoke bush, vintage lens
 Rhus leaves hanging out like washing on a clothes line 
 Keywords: rhus, autumn, colour, foliage, garden photography, helios, leaves, m42, rhus, vintage lens

Images 1-20 of 24 displayed. Show 20 or all per page.
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