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Welcome to leavesnbloom - the home of nature fine art & floral photography

Capturing the natural beauty of Perthshire, Scotland.


Rosie Nixon is the lady behind the lens at leavesnbloom fine art & photography.  Rosie is based in Perth, Perthshire as a garden/horticultural photographer, floral fine art photo artist, writer and nature lover.   She uses the Scottish outdoors as her natural light studio and over the years has developed her own unique soft, dreamy and romantic style of photography. 

Here you'll find intimate Scottish landscapes, wildflowers, native plants, garden flowers and foliage like you've never seen them before. Click here to read more about Rosie's style of flower photography.    

Her work is available for publication, e-books and for purchase in her shop as wall art and fine art prints.  

If there's an image that you'd like made into a fine art print or purchase a license to use commercially that's not in the shop then please get in touch.

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